Thank a Teacher Today

by Shannan on December 17, 2012

I cried a lot this weekend. Like most of the nation, I’ve been paralyzed by the horrific events in Connecticut on Friday. I look into the faces of my own five and six year old boys and see the faces of the babies whose lives were cut short so senselessly. I see messages from a blogging friend whose nephew was one of those lost. I am angry. I am shocked. But mostly, I am heartbroken.

I watch the news and hear the stories of the educators who laid down their lives to protect their students – teachers and administrators who like my own children’s school staff, dedicate their time and effort to help our children to grow and thrive. In my heart, I know that my own children’s teachers would do exactly the same thing should something so horrific ever occur here.

Most of us don’t give this a second thought. We send our children off to the care of others every day, never thinking that they would be faced with something so horrific. We never think that our teachers would have to act selflessly to save our children and protect them from harm. We take for granted that their job ends at teaching reading and math and all the other important things.

Today, I’m joining with hundreds of bloggers who have declared today “Thank a Teacher Day”.  I would like for each of you to reach out to the teachers and staff at your own child’s school and thank them for  caring. Write them a note. Send flowers. Take a treat to the office.

These are the people who see and care for our children sometimes more waking hours in the day than we do. Your babies are their babies and they would protect them with their lives.

Thank you to Julie at Julieverse for starting this initiative and creating the graphic for us all to use.

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In 10 short days, we’ll be flying down south to for our first ever holiday trip to Disney! While our holiday decor leaves a lot to be desired when compared to that at the Disney resorts, we still have a little touch of pixie dust on our Christmas tree. Having a little Disney magic just makes the holidays feel that much more special for us.

This post is a part of Monday’s Magical Moments at SuperJenn.

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