For Anissa – Prayers That Shouldn’t Have To Be Said

by Shannan on November 19, 2009

I had big plans last night of rolling out the beginning of my holiday guide here, but when I logged on for the evening I got suckerpunched. My online world and ability to function came to a screeching halt when the first thing I saw was a Facebook update that Anissa Mayhew was in the ICU after suffering a stroke.

Other things here can wait, for now. Today, my blog belongs to Anissa.

Anissa is the kind of person that simply lights up any room that she enters – the perfect storm of wit, sarcasm and snark, combined with a loyalty, friendship and compassion. It’s impossible to have a conversation with her and not find yourself laughing. That is one of her gifts.


Photo by Mishelle Lane

To think that this beautiful woman, so vibrant and full of life, is laying in a hospital bed, just devastates anyone who has the pleasure of knowing her. It’s unreal. Unfathomable. Unfair.

I first met Anissa online, through her old blog, where she told the tale of her youngest daughter’s battle with cancer, then later on Twitter we became friends. When I finally got the chance to meet her in person this past July at Blogher, she was even sweeter than I could have hoped. She’s the kind of person who makes you feel wanted and included – someone that you just want to be around. I got that privilege again in September at TypeAMom and I can’t wait for the next chance to spend a little time with her.

Things seem to have improved a bit since last night, and even from this morning, and I pray that the hopefulness of the last update continues and Anissa will be back on Twitter before we know it, telling us how silly we are with our declarations of love. It’s a big hope, knowing the seriousness of the situation, but miracles are possible.

Anissa, when you read this, I’m not going to forget that we have a date for Pad Thai at Blogher and that you owe me a bewb shot to send to my dad. I love you. I miss you. I am praying for you. I have faith that you’ll be right back here with us and we’ll all be waiting. No matter how long it takes or how tough the battle, we’re here for you and your family, in any way we can be of help.

If you are in the Atlanta area and can help, or simply want to know what you can do to help support the entire Mayhew family, please visit Aiming Low for information on how to help and to get current updates on how she is doing. And please, keep sending prayers and positive thoughts her way.

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