Leapfrog Leapster Exporer and Tag Reader

by Shannan on September 19, 2010

We had loads of fabulous companies donate their products for our Fill The Backpack campaign. I will have to say that one of my favorites would be the products that we received from LeapFrog. I have reviewed products from the Leap Frog lines before and once again, they have produced happy kids and a happy mom at my house!

Leapster Explorer

My kids love handheld games. They have taken over our old platform handhelds, but many of those games are a bit advanced for them. The Leapster Explorer was an answer to their little prayers. It’s packed full of educational games that are more than just time-killers. They learn, earn virtual rewards and prizes that can be found online and have loads of fun, to boot.

The system is set up to work from downloads that are stored within the system or from cartridges that plug into the unit. The Leaplet download cards are very affordable, so that on a really boring rainy day or sick day, buying a new game as a special treat won’t break the bank. For some free fun, downloadable demos are also available.

I have been trying for months and months to get K to practice writing his letters and he flat out refused. Until he discovered the trick feature within the pet area of the Explorer. In order to get your virtual pet to do a trick, you have to properly trace a letter three times. Guess who is even writing letters on paper now!! Thanks, Leapfrog!

My personal favorite thing about the Explorer is the quality of the system. Obviously the people at Leapfrog know that preschool and school age children aren’t the most gentle with their toys. You don’t have to worry about a drop here or there, the Explorer is very well made. Also, the stylus that is used on the touch screen (a favorite feature of the kids) is attached to the handheld unit.

We also received Toy Story 3 and Penguins of Madagascar game cartridges and while both are getting plenty of playing time, I would have to say TS3 is the favorite. But if you could see my kids’ current wardrobe and bedroom theme, you’d understand why…

Leapfrog Tag Reader

The Tag Reader has been taken over by D. He’s always been my little reader anyway and this has just been a real treat for him. He received a Tag Junior last year and while that is still a big favorite, he was ready to move up to the older titles that are available with the Tag. Another perk of moving up to the “big kid” Tag reader? The fun little games in the back of each book.

Along with our Tag reader, we also received the Learn to Read short vowels pack. These fun little stories help to teach vowel sounds for early reading practice. While they aren’t based on popular characters, the stories are loads of fun and easy for pre-readers and early readers to digest. We also received a Tag United States map, which has been educational for even the teens.

My only complaint about the Tag is a small one. I wish there was a way to download audio for new books without computer access. I made the mistake of buying a new book while we were out one day, and since the Tag was in the car, it was only natural that D wanted to “read” it on the way home. He was none too thrilled with me when I tried to explain that he would have to wait.

Overall the products that Leapfrog provided for our review and for the backpack giveaway are flat-out amazing. I know that both the Explorer and the Tag will be in our regular toy rotation for a long time to come. Once again, Leapfrog has made me a believer.

Product provided for this review.


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2 Taryn October 30, 2012 at 11:18 am

Hi there! We are trying to figure out which system to buy for our 3.5 yr old. She’s a bit ahead of the curve so far in life so we are looking for something that will help keep pushing her a bit. We landed on these two items, but weren’t sure if they were redundant or what. Do they teach *different* skills? Or the same skills in different ways? WHich one teaches more? Really looking for a comparison somewhere out there, lol. Thanks!

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