Taking the Blame

by Shannan on January 11, 2011

Yesterday, I broke out my Shred DVD and really got down to the business of working out. I made it through the workout, but when I was finished, every muscle in my body was shaking and burning. I thought “This is good, but I am going to hurt tomorrow.” As the afternoon and evening went on, the soreness started to seep in. I stretched, soaked and rested my body, but by this morning, I was so sore that it hurt to breathe.

Naturally, my immediate instinct was to whine. Hey, it hurt!! It hurt to move, hurt to breathe, hurt to even think that I needed to do the workout again today. So I complained for awhile about how sore I was and how much I was dreading doing all of this again.

I went to Twitter and asked for some advice on how to deal with it, hoping someone knew a magic formula of how to make things easier. I got some great advice about stretching and warming up and other tips, but none of them were going to make it “easy.” It was still going to hurt.

Then I thought about it. I was blaming the workout for making me hurt. And the workout DID make me hurt. But that wasn’t the real reason that my muscles were sore. It wasn’t the fault of Jillian Michaels’ workout.

It was MY FAULT.

I was the one who let myself get out of shape after the last two pregnancies. I was the one who lived her life with excuses why she couldn’t or shouldn’t workout. I was the one and only reason that I woke up this morning, sore and uncomfortable.

No one forced me to sit in the house all day long, doing nothing to make a positive impact on my body. No one shoved crappy foods down my throat or caused me to overeat. I made poor choices. On. My. Own.

It’s time to start taking the blame for my own mistakes. It’s time to start taking my “medicine” and dealing with the consequences of the past few years of laziness. It’s time to stop whining and own my soreness and pain for what it is.

It’s time to correct the mistakes that I have made with my body and my lifestyle. And I am going to do it.

Disclaimer – This in no way is a guarantee that I will never whine again. Any future whining will simply be more contemplative.


1 Jessica (@ It's my life...) January 11, 2011 at 2:11 pm

There are just no words for how proud I am of you. You go girl! Keep shredding!!
.-= Jessica (@ It’s my life…)´s last blog ..Random Act of Kindess Redux =-.

2 Beth @ TheAngelForever January 11, 2011 at 7:27 pm

Sorry I was distracted this morning on Twitter. I really am going to try to figure out something to put in the place of the push-ups on Shred since I think it is the way to go. I still love my EA Sports Active and Leslie Sansone, but need something else.
.-= Beth @ TheAngelForever´s last blog ..The Sickies Strike Back =-.

3 william sawyers January 11, 2011 at 8:15 pm

I liked your blog, from a children author of Concord, Ca.

4 Lisa @PhenomMamma January 15, 2011 at 2:13 am

hind sight is always 20/20. don’t beat yourself up. well, at least don’t beat yourself up twice!! :) only look forward. you are doing great!
.-= Lisa @PhenomMamma´s last blog ..Walking By My Son =-.

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