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Welcome to my humble home on the web! So glad you stopped by! I’m Shannan, the only person around here who goes by their full name. The lone woman in a house full of men, I find myself commiserating with Smurfette on occasion. Though my roots are in the retail world, I am now a work at home mom, trying to find the elusive balance between wife, mom, homeschooler, and carve out time to work on top of it all. To help pay the bills, I am a freelance writer and community manager for an up and coming social media marketing network.

A is my (sometimes) darling husband. He doesn’t particularly love the idea of being blogged about, but he does make the occasional appearance here. Even though I don’t discuss him at length, he’s the best thing that ever walked into my life, not counting my kids.

J is my oldest. He is a 15 yr old, homeschooled, video game junkie. For the first several years of his life, I was a single mom, so we have a bit of a different relationship than that between his younger brothers and I. My parents and I have always shared him, since we lived with them when he was young. Even though my mom passed away last year, he still spends a considerable amount of time with my dad.

K is my middle baby and the first that A and I call “ours.” He’s my Thomas the Tank Engine addicted busybody, who always seems to find something to get into. He’s the one of the bunch that seems to be the most like me — smart, stubborn, and set in his ways, even at 4 years old.

D is my youngest, and my little loverboy. At 3, he’s still always up for cuddles and loves with mama, though he always likes to spend time with any of his brothers. He can find some mischief, from time to time, but always knows just what look to use to get himself out of it.

AJ is my stepson, and the most recent addition to our household. He just moved in with us this fall, and at 16, has proven to be a great help. He’s another gaming junkie, so he and J get along quite well, most of the time.

Our motley crew lives just a few miles from the Delaware coastline, where it’s insanely crazy in the summer, but so quiet you can hear a pin drop in the winter.

We’re just your average blended family, trying to get by and make it all work!

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